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took this of lauren in our hotel room in new york back in january, i posted it in black and white and the notes are unbelievable but i think the colored version is really amazing as well



Showing my favourite movie to my friends

This gif is so appropriate in so many ways I love it so much!

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Status: Rain! :)
Older person on Facebook: Us too, so badly needed as well. Tell your mom I said hi. How is the family? Tell everyone hi from us. We miss you all so much. Wish we could be there. You're a beautiful young woman.

"She imagines him imagining her.
This is her salvation."

- Margaret Atwood, The Blind Assassin  (via koreyan)

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Such a beautiful song and they make a great couple. Paul McDonald and wife, Twilight star, Nikki Reed. this Song is on Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 Soundtrack.

Now That I Found You.


"All I’ve Ever Needed" by Paul McDonald & Nikki Reed from ‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 2’ soundtrack

Hope y’all like crying. You’ll definitely do some of it watching this music video, especially, during Nikki’s solo!


Now That I’ve Found You // Paul McDonald & Nikki Reed 

Now I found your hand in mine

I hope I didn’t come too late

There’s no beauty like your face in the morning light


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